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Making soap naturally books: testimonial

Our publisher just forwarded a lovely message from Joanna in Poland… and made our day! Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Ladies, I want to let you know that your books are GREAT. They are my favourite ones and I keep them at hand all time. I have many books about soapmaking (such a hobby to buy them 😉 but yours are the best! Thank you for both : information and inspiration – you made a really great work.

warmest regards from Poland (EU) 🙂

Joanna Sztykiel

Positive feedback like Joanna’s really fuels our commitment to value-added content!

Our books might not have fancy covers or sophisticated artwork, but they distil the essence of our passion for down-to-earth, sustainable practices… and we pour our hearts into them. Writing about soapmaking as a life choice for a better world is not easy. In a world where futility reigns, with noise levels growing exponentially with the spread of so-called social media, voices from the heart (like ours) are hard to hear.

So thank you Joanna for letting us know you heard: we treasure your encouragement!