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The Making Soap… Naturally books now available in the UK and Europe!

From Demetra Publishing’s Web diary at

Good news for European soap addicts and cauldron stirrers!  The Natural Soapmaking Handbook and Cookbook are now available from Demetra’s UK distributor, Richard Phillips of The Soap Kitchen UK.

The Soap Kitchen (2011) - European distributor of the Making Soap… Naturally books

Based in Bideford, Devon, The Soap Kitchen (2011) is a premier supplier of soap and ingredients, “completely dedicated to the crafts of soap making, toiletry making and candle making”.

As per usual in Demetra Publishing’s frugal approach, also the “European” Natural Soapmaking books are locally printed (this time in the UK) on forest friendly paper.

Visit The Soap Kitchen’s online shop for details and book ordering information: Making Soap… Naturally (and other interesting books!)