The July/August 2014 issue of the Saponifier magazine is out!

Saponifier Magazine July-August 2014

This time, articles go well beyond the “usual” soap- and candle-making topics, to delve into the fascinating topic of handmade colour cosmetics.

With a thoroughly revealing interview to Rebecca Midkiff of DYI Cosmetics and a step-by-step guide by Erica D. Pence, there’s no excuse for avoiding the subject: skin-friendly makeup is possible… and you can do it yourself!

Other articles include Marie Gale’s professional advice on how to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in making cosmetics, herbal monographs by Karen Mallinger (Lilac, Lily of the Valley), Herbal Wisdom advice by Marina Tadiello (Borage, Common Mallow and Stinging Nettles), and Kevin Dunn’s Soap Chemistry piece on water discounting… where it’s clear he’s not really familiar with the background of DWCP. But then of course Kevin is a chemist, while most of the soapers who first worked on DWCP are not!

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