Annabelle’s avocado and tamanu soap

Annabelle Mathon, professional soaper and former owner of Savonnerie Minervoise in France, shares one of her favorite recipes with our readers.
It is a very simple thus blissful formula and, Annabelle says, “it can be a nice base for transparent soap as well if you just reduce avocado and add some castor oil”. The recipe is suitable for Cold Process, the favorite method for Annabelle who is a member of the French Cold Process Soap Makers Association ASSAF.
– 50% avocado oil
– 20% tamanu oil
– 20% hemp oil
– 10% olive oil
A proper amount of water
Caustic soda for 8% super fatting ratio
Annabelle loves incense aroma so she add a tincture of a special blend made with variable proportions (depending on the season) of Styrax, Benzoin, Frankincense and Myrrh.

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