Super-Naturally books: a new adventure begins

soap-naturallyRemember Soap Naturally?
That comprehensive soap book, first published in 2004, was soon dubbed “The Soap Bible” for its extended coverage of natural handmade soapmaking. Accurate descriptions of common and unusual ingredients, step-by-step instructions for all of the modern soapmaking methods, homemade skincare basics, a recipe collection for all kinds of bar- and liquid soaps, trade secrets for developing new recipes, background information for would-be soap business people… never before so much knowledge and hands-on experience had gone into a soap book.
Initially shared between a dedicated community of soapers, Soap Naturally soon went on to become one of the biggest best-sellers on this topic. As of today, Soap Naturally remains the one soapmaking book you ever need to refer to for handmade soap that is as good and as natural as possible.
If you think it would be difficult to improve on this book, you are correct: and yet we have done it!

  • We have taken that massive book to bits to make it even more accurate, topical, affordable and usable.
  • We have reviewed the information to make sure it remains complete, up-to-date and fully verified.
  • We have further improved on reliability, innovation and ease of use by grouping the contents into separate topics to produce smaller books and make up comprehensive new series, all under the Super-Naturally brand.

The first two volumes in the series, those ones dedicated to Super Naturally Soapmaking, are ready for hitting the market between March-April 2013. You can find a direct link to the publisher web site at your right.

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