No, not an other “how-to-make-soap” site

Will you start making your soap at home? Are you looking for the last swirling technique or the ultimate variant of Double Boiler Hot Process? Will you buy glittering pigments or are you wondering why your first batch has not traced? So, maybe this is not the right website to start with. Even though here you can find far much more than simply instructions about how to turn lye and fats into great homemade soap. Together with my dear friend Marina Tadiello, I have been teaching natural soapmaking for nearly 13 years and written a great deal about it too. Now we would like to start looking at soap from a different, broader perspective. Because in all these years we have learned that soap has stories to tell too. Stay tuned!
And if you are still looking for soapmaking instructions why not indulging yourselves with a brand new series of great soapmaking books? Just click on the links on your right to get more information.

One thought on “No, not an other “how-to-make-soap” site

  1. Hi there,

    I’ll be checking out the books that you have recommended!
    I’m sure that there’s something in them that I can learn, so thanks.

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